In life, when we do something wrong or commit some sin, guilt takes its toll on us and sometimes causes us to stop trying, to stop moving, and to be hemmed up. It has been said, "Guilt is where Psychology meets Theology." Guilt causes us to try to hide our sins by covering up our mess. David's guilt caused him to try to cover his sin by having Uriah come home from battle to be with his wife, Bathsheba who was already pregnant by David. King David did this hoping that Uriah would sleep with his wife and when the news of the pregnancy became known, all would think that Uriah was the father. Things did not work out as David had planned so he sent Uriah back to the battlefield with his own death warrant in his hand  (See 2 Samuel 12:13-30). Although we may think that we have gotten away with our wrongs, one thing we often forget and that is that God sees all and will call us to the carpet for our wrongdoing.   Numbers 32:23 reminds us "...your sin will find you out." There is some saving grace; however, and that is God is a forgiving God. If you have slipped up and messed up, then get up and repent, look up and pray, step up, accept the consequences, and move on by putting the past behind you. --- God Bless You, Dr. Marcelious Willis, Jr., Pastor, St. Luke MBC, Panama City, Florida.